I´m Anne. I´m a portrait, editorial and documentary photographer, who prefers real to staged, and natural to studio. 

I love to tell stories in pictures - to find the beauty in the details. I don’t think about what people look like,
but who they are. How can I bring out their personalities? It´s important for me to be with them but stay back:
so that people feel comfortable and relaxed in front of my camera, and free to shine.
Many say they didn’t even notice me when I took their picture. This is when I feel like I’ve succeeded.

I feel happy when I can make a corporate event look like a house party, a conference look like a meeting of friends and a company portrait look like a family album. 


I’ve been a pâtissier in France, a set designer in film business, a chef and a makeup artist, across Europe and in my hometown, Berlin. Ten years ago, I found that photography was where I was supposed to be. After studying photography, I became an assistant to a fashion and still life photographer in Hamburg. Now, back in Berlin, I enjoy living in Kreuzberg and being a freelance photographer who loves to discover the world and to capture moods and people.